Why is a human classified in the same animal grouping as monkeys? It is because humans and monkeys (and Apes, and Chimpanzees, and Gorillas) share a common ancestor, and a lot more. We may have both evolved from the same species, but we have so many more similarities. We both have opposable thumbs, for instance. We also share binocular vision. This is what makes us primates, the descendants of an ape-like creature that lived over 45 million years ago. Our evolution has occurred since, and has produced man.
     This magnificent transition did not occur right away. Scientists estimate that our evolution took place over a period of over 45 million years. Back then, we were Ape-like creatures in Africa, called Hominids. Hominids are a type of primate with traits such as bipedalism, long lower limbs, and no tail. We used simple tools, such as stone axes. We eventually dispersed all over the world and continued our evolution until we became what we are today: Homo Sapiens.