Race and Evolution

Race is generally know to be the color of one's skin. Why there are different races is because it makes it easier to live in certain environments. If you have darker skin, it would be easier to live in a sunnier area than lighter skinned people because of the pigments in your skin. More scientific evidence is arguing against the racial categories that are still apparent in American life. Biology suggests that out of about 100,000 genes, less than 5 determine race. All humans are incredibly similar in the line of genes, which supports the opinion that race is irrelevant. The relevance of race only comes from history and culture. We focus so much on race because we are programed to. If two groups of people are enemies, being in tune to race could help them distinguish between friend and foe. Now, obviously, this programming is obsolete, but it remains with us. Why? It is most likely because human evolution has not changed it yet. Eventually it may but for now, our “programming” shall stay the same.